10 points for Dan Qaran government to stay in power!

The current ruling party of the Federal Government of Somalia, led by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has done a remarkable job for the past 10 months it has been in power. The war against the terror group Al-Shabaab has become the focal point of this administration. 

However, to stay in power for the years to come and to win the hearts and minds of the people, the administration need to achieve these 10 points:

  1. Build a strong military and security forces. The government must be able to protect its citizens and territory from threats, both internal and external. This includes defeating al-Shabaab and other terrorist groups, as well as preventing clan violence.
  2. Improve the economy. The government must create jobs and opportunities for its citizens, and improve the standard of living. This will help to reduce poverty and instability, and make people more supportive of the government.
  3. Provide basic services. The government must provide its citizens with essential services, such as education, healthcare, and security. This will help to improve people's lives and make them more likely to support the government.
  4. Combat corruption. Corruption is a major problem in Somalia, and it undermines the government's legitimacy. The government must take steps to fight corruption, such as strengthening the judiciary and increasing transparency.
  5. Promote good governance. The government must be accountable to its citizens and transparent in its decision-making. This will help to build trust and support for the government.
  6. Empower women. Women play a vital role in society, and they should be given equal opportunities to participate in government and the economy. This will help to create a more stable and prosperous Somalia.
  7. Strengthen the rule of law. The government must uphold the rule of law and ensure that everyone is subject to the law, regardless of their position or status. This will help to create a more just and equitable society.
  8. Promote reconciliation. Somalia has a long history of conflict, and it is important for the government to promote reconciliation and unity among its citizens. This will help to build a more stable and prosperous country.
  9. Engage with the international community. The government of Somalia must work with the international community to build peace and stability in the country. This includes receiving and using aid effectively, and cooperating with international organizations.
  10. Build a strong civil society. A strong civil society can help to hold the government accountable and promote good governance. The government should support the development of civil society organizations, such as non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and community-based organizations (CBOs).

These are just some of the steps that the government of Somalia can take to keep itself in power. It is important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and the government will need to tailor its approach to the specific challenges it faces.

By: Abdirahman Dahir (Samawade)
Entrepreneur | Activist | Blogger 


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