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Another Step in the Right Direction for The FGS to Reduce Trade Barriers!

            Today, The Ministry of Commerce and Industry in cooperation with The Somali Bureau of Standards unveiled the bid opening ceremony for Pre-shipment Verification of Conformity(PVoC). This is part of the consignment-based conformity assessment (CBCA) which is the standard for international shipping and trade. It is a step in the right direction to ensure that Somalia is able to play a vital role in international trade and while reducing trade barriers.           Consignment-based conformity assessment (CBCA) is a process used to ensure that goods shipped to a country comply with that country's regulations. In CBCA, the exporter submits a package of documents to the importer, which includes information about the goods being shipped, the standards they must meet, and the results of any testing that has been done. The importer then reviews the package and, if satisfied, issues a certificate of conformity. This certificate allows the exporter to ship the goods without further