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The "Missing Report" on Building Resilience at the Community Level on Healthcare in Somalia!

       "The Missing Report"             This is what the minister of Health and Human Services of the FGS meant to say, however, I could not get the report to him in a timely matter! My apologies! So, this is my humble attempt to reproduce the missing report at his desk. Take it with a grain of salt. FGS's Commitment           The Somali government is focused on building resilience at the community level on health care. This includes improving access to quality health care services, strengthening community health systems, and promoting healthy lifestyles. This is a long-term goal that will require the cooperation of all stakeholders, including the government, the private sector, and civil society.           The government is working, along with its international partners, to improve access to quality health care services by building new hospitals and clinics, training more health workers, and providing financial assistance to people who cannot afford to pay for health car